Day Seventeen / I Did It

I woke up early, The Clown beside me. I didn’t give it too much thought, I was determined to do it.

I didn’t shower, I grabbed a top and got into my jeans and flip flops. My dog came with me to support and witness the closure. Together we drove to the office before everyone else arrived.

I gathered my things, printed the updated account status of the money I used to manage on a weekly basis and left to the safety box I accessed every week.

Once I got to the security box, I left the updated account status of the money in the safety box, as well as a post-it note attached to a copy of my credit card account status. The post-it note was short: “I took the money you owe me for the gifts I bought for last december’s company party, as well as the plane ticket for one of your mechanics and my July cell phone bill.”

We drove back to the office and parked outside while I placed the security box key in an envelope, as well as the office keys, the electric garage control and the keys to his house.

In another envelope, I placed the money I weekly send to his wife. The previous day I tried to wire it twice with no luck. The daughter advised that since her Mom was in Banana Town I should hand the money back to her Dad. I left a message on the envelope: “I couldn’t wire your wife’s money yesterday. Your daughter told me to hand it back to you so you can personally hand it to her”.

Once I was finished sealing the envelopes, I called one of my coworkers so he could come out for them. I told him I was in a hurry to see a client (which was a lie) and that The Burning Man needed the envelopes.

I left as quick as I could and once I was far away, I parked and blocked The Burning Man from my phone.

It was unbelievable easy. I was strong and felt happy about leaving him.

Later on I went to my therapist and we both celebrated my graduation on completing my task: leaving The Burning Man.

I had lunch with my girlfriend and was overwhelmed with her love and support.

At night I drove to the Paddle Tennis Club to play a new tournament. I lost 4-6, 2-6 on the mixed doubles and won the women’s match 6-1, 6-2 with my loving new partner from Argentina.

Throughout the day I received comforting calls and messages from my tribe. Friends and family that care for me and have always been there through the tough times. I felt so lucky, so blessed and so thankful.



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