Day Fifteen

I need more individual space with every passing day. I am getting used to the joy of having him far away from me.

I’ve recovered my laughter. I feel good around my loving friends and also when I’m by myself. I am excited about the progress I see in every paddle tennis match I play.

During these hard times, I have developed much more empathy towards people that are going through tough times. It seems that even though I’m not where I want to be, I am making the best out of it.

Today I left the office early. I had a match to play. I lost but I won in so many ways. I won because I didn’t feel guilty to leave work undone. I won because I enjoyed myself and my new partner, a funny woman from Argentina.

The Burning Man asked if he could borrow my dog. I said yes and he thought that would mean I would sleepover at his place. Wrong. I finished my matches and drove straight home, savouring a cold shower and a healthy dinner. He asked at what time I would get there, I told him I wouldn’t go. This time I used a new creative excuse, too much play and the high temperature had given me a heat exhaustion. He blackmailed me, but I didn’t engage.

He mentioned his wife had just arrived to Banana Town. I knew something was up when he wired her extra money today. Imagine how I feel when she earns what I earn without doing any work at all. A free-rider shop-addict with paid vacations. And then there’s me, a working woman that works her ass off everyday while The Greedy Burning Man won’t even give her a raise.

Very soon I will have a new job or an entrepreneur project going on. I am going to be delighted to dump him and quit the job with no anticipation at all. Until then, I’ll work less, increase my savings and have more time to enjoy all the wonderful things that life is throwing at me.

Someone once told me that turtles have three gifts: patience, wisdom and the ability to find their way back home, no matter how lost or far they are.



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