Day Thirteen

I still remember the job interview I had last april. I asked for what I wanted to get paid and the employer said yes. Three hundred dollars more than I actually make and attractive commissions.

I talked to The Burning Man about the offer and told him that I wanted to stay in his company. He said he would also like me to stay.

I stayed and didn’t ask for a raise, I thought since we were a couple building something together for our future, he would offer it himself. He never did.

During the first days of July I asked him for a raise. He said he’d think about it. A week went by and I asked him again. We were in his car, ready for a forty five minute drive to get back to the office. He said he had too many telephone calls to make, that we could talk about it at another time. Two weeks went by and he didn’t talk about the subject.

When I asked again, he finally said it. “The company is in no conditions to increase your salary. If you want to find a job that pays more than I do, feel free to go. I can support you monthly with the same amount you earn with me and you can find another job to increase your income. What I understood about his offer was: “leave the job and I’ll pay you to stay in the relationship so I can fuck you whenever I feel like it.”

The offer didn’t convince me. He can pay much more than what I make, I know that because I am the administrator and know the numbers like the palm of my hand.

I don’t want to brag about it but I am a really good at what I do. I am a great asset for the company and I’m worth the raise.

He doesn’t see it that way. He is a close-fisted miserable man. As a partner and as an employer.

I am counting the days to leave the job, even though I truly LOVE what I do. In the meanwhile my savings account and my individual activities keep on growing.

Current Status: No raise, no sex.


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