Day Eleven

Brand new day. Got things done at work and turned down a lunch invitation from The Burning Man —guilt free.

I went to the grocery store and saw a handsome looking man. I didn’t pay too much attention and rushed through the aisles to finish my shopping list as quick as possible.

While I was in line waiting for the clerk, he approached me. He saw my grocery basket and I saw his. We had broccoli and salmon in common. He said something nice and I got nervous —the kind of nervous that involves butterflies. He asked if I lived here, I said yes and ran off. I haven’t felt that funny feeling for a long time. While I was driving out of the parking lot I saw him again. I waved goodbye and smiled, he tried to stop me but I kept on driving — I was actually flirting!

I ate sushi at home and read for a while, enjoying the air conditioning and the closeness of my dog. I took a well deserved and delicious nap and then returned to the office for a few hours.

The Burning Man called before I left the office. He talked about himself for several minutes while I was multitasking without paying attention to what he was saying. He doesn’t even notice I don’t listen to his monologues.

Afterwards I drove to the Paddle Tennis Club and won the semifinals match 6-1, 6-3. I’m officially in the finals.





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